Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my video?

Videos will be supplied on either a physical USB stick, or via an online link where you can watch, share and download your video.

When will my video be ready?

For pre-orders placed before Friday 13th of December - USB's will be shipped on Wednesday 18th of December, and download links will be emailed the same day. Orders placed after this date will be delivered within two weeks

What is a multicam video?

OOMPH! will be capturing students performances from multiple angles with our industry leading digital cinema equipment, editing together the best shots to create a cinematic video of their performance - great to share on social media.

Who is OOMPH!?

The OOMPH! Network is Australia's premiere creative platform, The proud home of OOMPH! Records and OOMPH! Media. We pride ourselves in sharing our talent and expertise, by creating and distributing world class content from our home on the Mornington peninsula.

How else can OOMPH! help me as an artist?

The OOMPH! Records ART.DEV is a great platform to help build emerging artists. We provide creative direction and our full suite of media and marketing talent to create impactful social campaigns that compliment your sound, gain industry credibility and establish a career in music. Email for more information.