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Nathan Smart Covers Troye Sivan’s “DKLA”

Melbourne, AUS - February 28th, 2018] Today Nathan Smart released his cover of Troye Sivan’s ‘DKLA’. “I met Troye last year and he’s been a big influence in the new direction I’m taking with my music.” Featuring ghostly intoxicating vocals and a chillingly hypnotising performance in the video music video -DKLA is a showcase Smart’s many acclaimed talents - from music production to video direction.

Watch ‘DKLA’:

About Nathan Smart:

Hustling from Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, at just 18 years old Nathan Smart is a musical powerhouse. Beyond his talents as a singer/songwriter and producer, instilled is a reputation for meticulously crafting visuals to accompany his Pop/Hip-Hop crossovers.

Follow Nathan Smart:


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