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Nathan Smart Debuts New Single “You Ain’t Got Me”

[Melbourne, AUS - March 12th, 2018] Today Melbourne artist Nathan Smart released his new single ‘You Ain’t Got Me’, through OOMPH! Records. Coupled with a dazzling, light filled music video - the formidable revenge fuelled track showcases the 19 year olds continually evolving style and sound.

On the process of making the song, Nathan Smart says: “I was in a studio session mid last year working on a dark pop song. Once I found the chords, I started a voice memo on my phone and pretty much improvised the melody and lyrics in a few takes - it all came really naturally.”

Watch ‘You Ain’t Got Me’:

Listen to ‘You Ain’t Got Me’:

About Nathan Smart:

Hustling from Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, at just 19 years old Nathan Smart is a musical powerhouse. Beyond his talents as a singer/songwriter and producer, instilled is a reputation for meticulously crafting visuals to accompany his Pop/Hip-Hop crossovers.

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