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Zaryna Releases Visual EP “I Am Mine”

[Melbourne, AUS - December 7th 2017] In an unprecedented Australian Debut, 20 year old Melbourne artist Zaryna has shaken up the music scene, launching herself with a four song, cinematic Visual EP - I Am Mine. The 15 minute short film explores Zaryna's journey to liberty as she addresses the harrows of her past.

Described as Zaryna’s “saving grace”, the project is her closure to life’s torments, “I can finally overcome the things that were holding me back, it was the best kind of therapy. I wasn’t just making art, I was fixing myself.”

Watch I Am Mine:

Stream I Am Mine:

About Zaryna:

Commanding the streets of Melbourne, Zaryna is a relentlessly authentic artist with a hell of a mean streak. A concoction of pop, trap and hiphop, she is the epitome of sass. With an aggressive and an unapologetic demeanour, her lyrics are raw and evocative - possessing a dark fragility she wears confidently on her sleeve.

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