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Zaryna Releases “Ghosts and Demons” Single and Music Video

[Melbourne, AUS - April 6th 2017] Following the launch of her debut cinematic Visual EP “I Am Mine”, 20 year old Melbourne artist Zaryna is releasing “Ghosts and Demons” as the EP’s first single. Zaryna teamed up with songwriter and producer Nathan Smart in early 2017 to form the concept and sound that ultimately laid the foundation of the visual.

The video for “Ghosts and Demons”, conceptualised by Zaryna and directed by Nathan Smart see’s Zaryna at her most vulnerable and unhinged state. Succumbed by the darkness of her thoughts, she gives in to the harrows of her past. Described as Zaryna’s “saving grace”, the track is her closure to life’s torments, “it perfectly narrates a time when I constantly felt something in my universe was out of order.”

Watch Ghosts and Demons:

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About Zaryna:

Commanding the streets of Melbourne, Zaryna is a relentlessly authentic artist with a hell of a mean streak. A concoction of pop, trap and hiphop, she is the epitome of sass. With an aggressive and an unapologetic demeanour, her lyrics are raw and evocative - possessing a dark fragility she wears confidently on her sleeve.

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