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Pop, Dance and Fashion fuse in Callum Hawthornes explosive debut Release 'I Do It Confident'

A bold new face on the Australian pop scene, Callum Hawthorne is not afraid to stand out. His explosive debut single 'I Do It Confident' features powerful vocals, world class production by MSquared (Aloe Blacc, Chris Sebastian, Will Hyde), and a tightly choreographed music video. Out now!

"I created I Do It Confident as somewhat of a reminder to myself, to always be true, and to not live just to please everyone else. The theme of control was a big element of this project, it's about taking control of your yourself and not being afraid to create distance from those negative surroundings." - Callum Hawthorne

A natural performer, Callum Hawthorne is also a skilled dancer - bringing movement and fashion to his artistry. The music video, directed by Nathan Smart (RARIA, JXCKY) explores the themes of the song through an alternate reality in which Callum is monitored 24/7, slowly breaking free from the manipulation and control he has been tied to. Callum is captivatingly expressive, with impactful dance sequences, outfits, and a confident and engaging personality that shines through in both the song and visual.

I Do It Confident, the debut single by Callum Hawthorne is available now to stream and watch.

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