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Callum Hawthorne reveals debut album ‘No Strings On Me’

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Melbourne pop artist Callum Hawthorne has released his debut AlbumNo Strings On Me’. Featuring 9 brand new tracks alongside his recent singles Break In, Dangerous and I Do It Confident.

Pushing the boundaries of modern pop music, the album is packed with catchy hooks, stellar vocals, and eye catching visuals. Showcasing a diverse collection of new music, ‘No Strings On Me’ is carefully crafted by Callum to take listeners on a cohesive sonic journey. The intro track ‘No Way Out’ and pop anthem ‘Alien’ blend seamlessly into each other, setting the precedent for what else is to come. Club ready tracks such as ‘Broken Shards’ and ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ ooze energy and excitement, while more sombre moments like ‘I Never Lost My Crown’ showcase Callum’s stunning vocal and writing talents.

A mega-talent and truely unique artist, It takes just one look at Callum’s visualisers to see how spectacular he is. Tightly choreographed dance numbers, dareing high fashion looks, and next level concepts compliment the world class production, showcasing Callum Hawthorne’s serious pop icon potential.

‘No Strings On Me’ is an exciting first look into the world of Callum Hawthorne. The album is available now on all platforms.

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